Emergency Shelter, Transitional Living, Aftercare and Permanent Housing Assistance Programs



Emergency Shelter

Picture of WAIT House

WAIT House- 10 Wait St., the Transitional Living Program is on the left, 12 Wait St., the Emergency Shelter Program is on the right. The two buildings are connected by the connector building which houses living and office space.


WAIT House’s Emergency Shelter is located at 12 Wait St. in Glens Falls, NY. It is an eight bed co-ed emergency shelter for youth ages 16 up to 21. The shelter is certified by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. Since opening in December 2003 WAIT House has provided shelter and services to over 1,300 homeless youths and their families.  WAIT House is staffed 24/7. The shelter phone number is 518.798.4384.

Services Provided

  • Case Management and Goal Planning
  • Needs Assessment-linkage to necessary services
  • (medical, mental health, substance abuse treatment)
  • Reunification with family (if appropriate)
  • Connection to education, training and employment
  • On-site tutoring and life-skills training
  • After Care– follow up and support after leaving the emergency shelter

Transitional Living Program for Young Women

WAIT House’s Transitional Living Program for Homeless Youth is located at 10 Wait St. in Glens Falls.  The program is now accepting residents. To be qualified for the program residents must be:

  • homeless or currently residing in temporary/emergency housing
  • females between the ages of 16 and 21
  • Pregnant, parenting or without children
  • cannot be a sex offender, have a violent history or be a fire starter

To see photos of the Transitional Living Program please CLICK HERE.

For more information please contact Sarah Rowell or Kristine Arnold, Case Managers at 798-4384 or srowell@hycwaithouse.org or karnold@hycwaithouse.org

This program can provide appropriate housing, case management, and linkage to services for program participants for up to 12 months.

Aftercare Program and Permanent Housing Assistance Program

The Aftercare Program offers continued support services to youth after they leave the shelter. This voluntary program can help the youth continue their goal plan that they started while they were shelter residents.

The Permanent Housing Assistance Program offers assistance in locating and keeping safe, affordable housing. This program is available to income qualified individuals and families with head of household 18 years old and up. We can help:

  • Create a household budget based on current income
  • Determine what can be paid for rent, utilities and other housing expenses
  • Find safe, affordable housing in the community
  • Pay part of the security deposit on an apartment that fits a budget
  • Provide short term rental assistance
  • Connect with other services such as transportation, continuing education, childcare and job training and counseling
  • Provide landlord/tenant mediation
  • Ongoing case management
  • Goal planning for the future

For more information contact Kristine Arnold at 798-4384 or email: karnold@hycwaithouse.org.

Street Outreach Program

WAIT House, as a subcontractor of CAPTAIN Youth and Family services, does street outreach in Warren and Washington Counties. In addition to contacting and engaging homeless youth this program is also designed to contact and engage youth who are being trafficked or at –risk of trafficking.  The Street Outreach Services that WAIT House provides are:

  • Regularly scheduled street shifts in Warren and Washington counties where youth congregate.
  • Provide survival aid to youth through delivery of gateway services that may include food, beverages, clothing, hygiene and other essential needs.
  • Provide education to youth with brochures, palm cards, safe sex kits and other literature as requested.
  • Provide assessment, case management, prevention activities, referrals, crisis stabilization and follow-up support to youth homeless, at-risk of homelessness or who are being trafficked or at-risk of trafficking.
  • Provide assistance and access to Emergency Shelter for youth ages 16 up to 21 who are homeless or being trafficked or at-risk of trafficking and provide appropriate referrals for all other youth.
  • Provide specialized housing and service provisions for youth victims of trafficking.
  • Provide 24/7 access to shelter, crisis management and transportation.

The WAIT House Street Outreach team is lead by Street Outreach Coordinator Cassie Segrell. WAIT House’s focus on developing relationships between young people and outreach workers will allow them to rebuild connections with caring adults. The ultimate goal is to prevent the abuse and sexual exploitation of youth on the streets.

Healthy Parenting and Mentoring Program

The Healthy Parenting and Mentoring Program is designed to provide support, education and resources to parents and young children. Early intervention and support gives parents the confidence, knowledge and tools for healthy and effective parenting. The program is a long term, voluntary and flexible to fit each individual family’s needs. There is no cost to the family.

What will participants gain from the program?

  • Self-esteem and confidence to be a terrific parent with the support and encouragement of the program’s advocates.
  • New and improved parenting skills
  • Health relationship and co-parenting skills
  • Knowledge about appropriate child development and safety
  • Life skills to increase your opportunity to improve your education and employment
  • New and positive relationships
  • Opportunity to win prizes and earn reward

For more information about this program please contact Kassia May at 792-2731 or kassiamcc@yahoo.com.


For CRHMIS 2017 Policy and Procedure Manual please CLICK HERE.