Wish List For Donations


In order to make efficient use of all donated items we ask that you contact us
at 798-2077 before dropping items off or starting a collection of items.

How to help
Save your returnables in a CLYNK bag (that you can get from us)

Put WAIT House’s CLYNK Tag (that you can get from us) on the bag

Drop off at your local Hannaford

The money goes right into WAIT House’s CLYNK account.

Email afuller@hycwaithouse.org to request bags and tags be mailed to you or to pick them up.

12/27/2016 Items needed:

Vacuum Cleaner
Paper towels, toilet paper, Peanut Butter, Cereal, Canned tomatoes, salad dressing, applesauce, gravy, coffee, sugar, rice, drink mixes, ketchup, meat

Shelving Units for Storage at the Shelter

Gift Cards (in any denomination): Price Chopper, Hannaford, Target, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot,
Stewart’s, any Gas Station.

Baby Items: Diapers (all sizes but especially 3,4,5), wipes.

Items NOT Needed: Used adult/children/infant clothing, used cribs,
high chairs, car seats.

We can always use Paper Towels and Toilet Paper.

Food: Pasta sauce, Peanut butter, Dry milk, breakfast cereals, Pizza Sauce, Pizza Dough Mixes, Pizza Fixin’s, Tomatoes (chopped, diced, whole or peeled), Tomato Sauce, Cream of Chicken Soup, Cream of Celery Soup, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Chicken Broth, Vegetable Broth, Beef Broth, Tomato Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Cake Mixes and Frosting, Brownie Mixes, Mayonnaise, Taco Seasoning Packets/Dinner Kits, Tortilla Shells, Canned / Bottled Juice, Drink Mixes, Sugar, Shredded Parmesan Cheese, Canned Chicken, Turkey or Tuna, Bisquick, Breadcrumbs, Brown Sugar, Spices of all kinds, Salad Dressings, Salsa, Hot sauce-Red Hot, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, Boxed Macaroni and Cheese,  All Sorts of Meats: Chicken, Hamburger, Pork Chops, Breakfast Sausage, Bacon, Cheeses, Butter and Butter Spreads

Non-Food: Feminine Products, Shampoo, Conditioner, Dish Soap, Laundry detergent, Ammonia Free Windex, Tall and Small Garbage Bags, Liquid Hand Soap, Bars of Soap, Hand sanitizer, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Towels ,Paper Towels, Toilet Paper,  Rubber Cleaning Gloves.
Socks (men’s and ladies’)

At this time WAIT House is not accepting donations of the following:

clothing (adult and infant)
used cribs, high chairs, car seats
household goods (dishes, silverware, bedding)
books, dvds, games, toys
sporting equipment

Updated 10/25/2016


RS Publication 526 Charitable Contributions – Information for donors who contribute items to a charity.

* Due to limitations of our available storage space we reserve the right to decline any in-kind donation.

In Kind Donation Policy